Rose Quartz Stackable High-Gloss Jewelry Box


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Our stacking 2-piece set is handcrafted in superior high-gloss lacquer finish with an ultra-suede soft interior lining. The set includes 2 levels that can be stacked or used independently. The top level features a beautiful hinged top with interior mirror and compartments for your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The lower tray features four ultra-soft pillows for your watches with 2 larger compartments for your eyewear pieces or other accessories! Rose Quartz finish.


Jewelry Box and Tray: 12"x7.15"x5"

Jewelry Box: 12"x7.15"x2.5"

Tray: 12"x7.15"x2.40"

Personalization can be added; monogram, name, etc.