Ride-On RIDER Petal Pink

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A real little metal car for children from 2 years-old!

This Rider Pink is equipped with a true functional direction. Your child will quickly make his mark on his new car and the rubber tires will help him stay stable and move silently around the house. With its Pink body and accessories, your little one will be able to put in the skin of a true champion and to imagine beautiful stories.

Develop your child's imagination!

This Baghera Rider Pink allows the child to find his marks quickly and move with ease. The child will instinctively understand how to move forward and turn. As soon as the child is standing, he can use the trotter safely. The wearer is perfectly studied for the morphology of a child from two years old.

An ideal babyshower and birthday gift.

With its Pink color and retro style, this little car is full of charm. Many elements give it a different look, like its chrome grille by making an ideal birthday gift ! Your child will not go unnoticed driving his new car!