Peekaboo Giraffe Boogie Baby Crib Blanket with Flange

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Finding the perfect baby blanket is a tall order - and this cute little guy delivers! The fringed mane stands up off the blanket for a delightful 3D effect! Choose from our wide selection of plush and luxurious fabrics to make this blanket your own!

Boogie Baby specializes in handmade, completely customizable blankets made to be as cute and unique as the babies they are designed for. Select your favorite colors, fabrics, design and name (for personalization) to make a one-of-a-kind blanket unmatched by any off-the-shelf product. Personalization is available for up to 10 letters.

Dimensions: crib/basic (30" x 36")

This is a custom order and ships in 16-20 weeks