Moo-Moo, I Love You! Hardcover


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From the bestselling and beloved team behind I Wish You More comes a moo-ving ode to the love between parent and child. Tom Lichtenheld and Amy Krouse Rosenthal present udderly perfect expressions of affection to share between any cow and calf:

I love you no matter your moo-d.
I love giving you a big s-moo-ch.
My love for you is as big as . . . a MOO-SE!

Simple and silly, this is moo-st definitely a fun book to read out loud over and over again. The book describes all the ways in which you can love a child, with every sentence containing a word that has been changed into a moo-word: moo-sic, sch-moo-zing, hu-moo-r, and even moo-zarella! The bold illustrations and simple color scheme add to the fun of the story.

Aside from its value as a sweet, funny bedtime story, this colorful, charming picture book helps readers develop vocabulary. After your child has listened to the story, they should have a grand time volunteering their own word lists that might include plays on “moo” and other cow-related words.

With a universal message and warm, inviting text that families will reread together, this exuberant book from a bestselling author and artist team at their best is a moo-velous choice for gifts year-round, especially for fans of 
I Love You to the Moon and Back and Guess How Much I Love You.