Magenta Marble Baby Stripe Rib Organic Marble Seamless Zipper Footie Romper


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Size: 0-3 mos

Our Classic Stripe comes with a twist this season with an Organic Marble Dye effect. This Long-Sleeved Footie Romper is the perfect romper for rest or sleep. The seamless zipper adds a classy touch without seeing the zipper. We combined function and form with this romper being everyone's go to for sleepwear. Easiest Romper for diaper changes during those sleepy nights. The breathable super soft rib allows for a comfortable fit. Your baby will be ultra stylish and comfortable in this romper no matter where they wear it. Shop our organic baby rompers for more simple and sustainable options.

Collection: Whim-zzz

  • Stripe Rib
  • Organic Marble Dye Effect
  • YKK Seamless Zipper
  • Cover stitch over binding

##Care Instructions##

Laundry Room: 50% Supima Cotton, 50% Micro-Modal blend