Ice Cream Cart


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Preschoolers develop social skills through pretend play and interaction. This set encourages learning through interactive developmental play. Serve up heaping helpings of fun with the Ice Cream Cart!

  • Running an ice cream cart teaches children to work with others, take turns and share. Enjoy ice cream social time with your child as they serve you your favorite flavors!
  • Toddlers can serve hungry customers and improve their dexterity by scooping ice cream onto connectable cones and serving Italian ice
  • Dual compartment ice cream station complete with see-through flip top allows children to easily serve a wide variety of treats
  • Ice Cream Cart is equipped with over 30 pieces including: deliciously decorated scoops of ice cream, connectable cones, ice cream scoop, popsicles and Italian ices
  • Includes a chalkboard on side where shop keepers can write today’s special flavors, prices, etc.
  • Shop keepers can collect money and put into included wooden cash box
  • Product dimensions: 24.80” L x 12.99” W x 39.76” H
  • Fully compliant with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards
  • Recommended age: 3 years+