Color the Ocean Color Magic Bath Book


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Kids and adults alike will enjoy the unique illustrations that bring this magical bath time book to life.

Take bath time fun to the next level: The What Color Am I? Color Magic Bath Book from Mudpuppy is sure to keep babies and toddlers entertained during bath time. Featuring various unique illustrations that kids are familiar with, it is truly a one of a kind experience that will be enjoyed time and time again.
  • Features 6 color-changing pages that magically appear in water to excite and delight little readers.
  • Captivating and engaging, this book makes bath time easier for parents and more entertaining for children.
  • Small 6” x 6” book is just the right size for little hands.

A delightful and magically colorful way to make bath time more enjoyable for children and caregivers.
  • Bath books for babies and toddlers
  • Waterproof and safe for all ages