Lullaby Earth Breeze Crib Mattress (2-Stage)


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From the innovators of the most lightweight and easy-to-clean crib mattress comes the first waterproof AND breathable mattress of its kind. Parents have been asking for safe sleep products for temperature regulation and airflow. While breathable is the want, waterproof is still the need. Soiled mattresses that arenít fully waterproof can "breathe" urine vapor, mould, bacteria, and worse. Parents seeking a breathable mattress really want a waterproof mattress with a breathable surface. 

Introducing the Lullaby Earth Breeze crib mattress featuring all the benefits you know and love: food grade waterproofing, seamless reinforced edges, 2-stage dual firmness, and NO flame retardant chemicals. And now it comes with the perfect breathable surface offering the best airflow in the industry. Best of all, this new innovative surface is easily removable and washable. It's the best of both worlds: increased airflow without having to give up the convenience and cleanliness of a fully waterproof mattress!

  • Wipe clean waterproof surface with waterproof seams to prevent moisture penetration and allow for easier cleaning

  • Use regular soap and water

  • Measures 52" L x 27.5" W x 6" H

  • Weighs 8 lb.

  • This mattress satisfies federal flammability requirements without the use of chemical flame retardants

  • Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty

  • Made in USA of U.S. and imported materials